home roasted peppers from El Bierzo; a selected assortment of salads; delicious croquettes of botillo, ham or seafood with spinach wedge; foie terrine, a dish that has dazzled every one who has tasted it, many people have even said that it's the best foie they have ever tasted. This dish is the “star dish” among the starters and you can't visit our home without trying it.

For dessert  we have Bocado de Santo: a home made puff paste with custard, cream and liquid hot chocolate; home made mascarpone, chestnut or dulce de leche ice-cream; our friend Joaquín Veigadarte's chestnut pie or his goat cheese...

And then, the restaurant will ask you to stay a little longer to enjoy a great coffee and a homemade liquor brewed with all the care in the world by Dimas, father of Marcos's from Vinos Valtuille.

We're looking forward to meeting you and we hope your experience here will be unforgettable. We will do everything to make it possible.

From the bottom of our hearts.

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