La Puerta
del Perdón Restaurant

Don't you know us as a restaurant yet? Well, if you don't  know us, we'd like to spend a little time with you offering the thing we do best: cooking and taking care of you.

In our restaurant you will find  a  good atmosphere made more enjoyable by world music and an exquisite mixture of colors which will take you beyond a regular meal.

We can guarantee you that you will live an amazing experience in which all your senses will be the main characters.

Here you'll find Pilar's dedication and her cooking, a bit modern and a bit like a mother's cooking, traditional as she likes to call it.

Pilar treats the wonderful commodities from El Bierzo with the great care that they and you deserve. We also import things from other regions, after making a careful product selection.

Among them you'll find the magnificent Boletus Edulis from Soria, picked exactly from the sides of Urbión Peak,

where you can harvest the best mushrooms in the province. The Boletus come with some incredible duck gizzards which come from lands of Soria too.

You'll  be able to savor a magnificent cod loin, easy to make but with a delicious taste.  Pilar confits  it in olive oil at a low temperature in order to keep all its flavor, texture and taste.

Another one of our leading dishes is the truffled knuckle, made in the most traditional way we know, in oven and after working on it for almost eight hours using different temperatures.

One of the star dishes in La Puerta del Perdón  is the famous oxtail. The recipe, almost sacred, was given to Pilar by her grandmother and that's why she puts all her heart into it when she cooks it and the reason why it is scrumptious! Her grandmother told her that that was the way her grandmother used to cook it too. That means this recipe is more than 300 years old. A real pleasure for the senses.

You will also find cod carpaccio and sirloin carpaccio, which “Doctor” Miguel Basurco brings us from the veals which graze in Campo del Agua; cecina with Parmesan cheese;

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