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Seven is a mysterious and magical number. Many aspects of the human life are  ruled by this number. Seven are the days of the week, the same as God took in creating the earth. Seven are the  seas in our planet. Hindus have found seven  chakras or points of energy in the body, seven wonders of the world, seven capital sins. Dante describes seven hells, metaphysicians talk of  seven levels of conscience, Snow White keeps company with seven dwarfs, the rainbow has seven colors, seven are the music notes, Puss in Boots's boots could jump seven leagues, cats in Spain have seven lives and seven are the bedrooms at La Puerta del Perdón. In each one of them there is a little of us and each one of them is for us a little piece of dream came true.

We  wish that they are much more than just a bedroom, much more than four walls and some furniture: we want each and everyone of them to be a space where you can dream  staring at the horizon, among beautifully aligned vineyards where the sea can almost be heard; a refuge in the tempest of heaven and soul, where you can get to know yourself and the others better;  a heaven of peace where you can see a wish come true: the beginning of a novel or a life in common; a magical place where Music and History in capital letters can be seen and heard... and, of course a little home where to rest,  where you can taste  a good wine and a better food, and where to  resume  the Way, with the certainty that  there's a before and an after when staying here.

Menú microhotel-restaurante La Puerta del Perdón, Villafranca del Bierzo
The Sea room Cristóbal Halffter room D.O. Bierzo room
Numantia room Jim Novack room The Way room
The Little Nest room Restaurant The Little Shop

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