The sea

Everyday we used to see the sea during our stay in Ibiza, the most beautiful island in the world and one of the most magical places we know. There, our son Pancho was born and much of the magic of the island stuck with him and still walks with him, at his side. We wanted to create this space in order to bring you in some way the Sea and Ibiza. You'll find a photograph behind a window, that's Es Vedrà, the most fascinating and amazing isle in the whole Mediterranean.

The blue colors of this room are thought to make you enjoy the peacefulness, charm and harmony of its walls and sights: the castle of Villafranca and the little square which contains everything. When in the afternoon you sit by the table to enjoy a good coffee, a tea or anything you please, you'll feel the breeze of the dusk and you will be the envy of anyone who passes by the Castle Square.


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