...Numantia is much more than a word, much more than a place. Numantia is the eternal monument to Liberty and Independence...

We arrived in Soria in 1998, when Pilar was transferred there by her old company, Paradores de Turismo. In the beginning it wasn't easy for us to get adapted to this cold and ocher-colored land.... so austere.

We came from “la isla bonita” and any other thing would have been a poor place to live. But, thank God, feelings change, and ours had no other choice after meeting this land and its people.

Now a part of our heart lives there, and it will forever.

We've met many people we miss because they miss us too: some of our best friends think about us from Soria, the same way we do from El Bierzo.

This room has this name for several reasons, because Numantia and Soria go hand in hand, because Numantia is our favorite soccer/ football team, because one has to be proud of the colors of your team,because hobbies must be shared.. and because, in some way, someone very special, master among masters, “Doc” Josu Mendía, made us appreciate the sense of Celtiberian food and its ingredients and now a lot of them are used in our restaurant.

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