The Way

What brought us here: The Way of St. James; The Way in capital letters. Many dream of doing it, even a few meters.

This room tries to recreate   the spirit of the Way  through photographs and the window in the back attic., where you will be able to see beautiful views of the Way and the lodge.

If you are a pilgrim  and you stay in this little piece of our dream, you'll be able to feel that your steps have been worth it, that you've got here and that what's left to Santiago is much less.

Relax, pilgrim, here you'll find people that, like you, have done several ways and who have a wandering spirit in their bones. As Machado said: “Wanderer, there is no way, you make the way as you go”.

Here you'll find anything you need and if you require something and you can't find it, ask us and we, gladly, will get it for you.

Ultreia Pilgrim!

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