D.O. El Bierzo

When we were walking towards Santiago in our first Way, one of the things which impacted us the most from El Bierzo was the color of its vineyards in the month of July. Walking among them was like floating in a perfectly organized green sea and the spaces between grapevines were like whispering and pleasant waves which made the Way easier.

And of course, after deciding to come to live here, we were told many things, one of them was that the perfectly alignment and cleanliness of the stocks was the work of the young vine-growers of the region of El Bierzo.

Now, lots of these vine-growers are our friends and we know how the work they do is and how hard it is to be among the elite of wines. We understand them when they talk to us and they understand that we like living here, in this singular land of incredible landscapes and special and friendly people.

So, we couldn't help but dedicate one of our rooms to them, to the wine, the work, the sincerity, the friendship that they have given us and to all they do and decide to do day by day in order to improve and to be amongst the best.

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